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Ronni L. Wilcock, Ph.D
Senior Risk and Biophysical Adaptation Specialist

    Dr. Wilcock has more than 30 years’ experience managing climate vulnerability and social-ecological assessments projects; she has 15 years of experience working as federal research scientist developing process-based, mechanistic models for evaluating the impacts of a variable climate.

       Dr. Wilcock's project experience includes: restoration of riparian, range and forest lands to improve integrity and resilience, thereby improving fish and wildlife values; development of methods to measure quantify and model ecosystem health; forest & fire ecology; soil ecology; plant physiology; hydrodynamics; and the impacts of global climate change on ecosystem services.

       Dr. Wilcock has developed process-based models for climate impact and adaptation assessment, including developing methods to reduce the impacts of a changing climate on structures (pipelines, buildings, etc.), hydrology (e.g., stream flow and water quality), agriculture, forestry, and marine and terrestrial wildlife habitats. Dr. Wilcock has used potential climates (e.g., rainfall, temperature, wind, vapor pressure deficit), as the driving variables in established process models (e.g., terrestrial, hydrology) to predict areas that may have increased vulnerabilities to climate change, such as from erosion, flooding, drought, wildfire, water quality, biomass shifts, etc. The models are also used to aid in determining effective adaptation strategies (both natural adaptation such as biome or wildlife habitat shifts, and human influenced adaptation) through a combination of scenario and sensitivity analysis, to determine the cumulative effects of climate change. The primary goal of her research is to reduce vulnerabilities and increase resilience across the impacted facility, site and/or environment. This effort includes selecting and establishing field sites to obtain meaningful data across the landscape.           Dr. Wilcock has coordinated and led multidisciplinary teams and developed scientifically-based environmental programs that bridge the state-of-knowledge science with applied research to answer specific environmental questions. Through her work, she has developed many relationships with the stakeholders. She has experience with public outreach, writing, and presenting client and agency information to the public.  She has given numerous presentations at professional meetings and authored several peer reviewed papers.

Jase Wilcock
Program Manager

     Mr. Korol has a BSc in Business Managment with 8 years' of experience managing projects, including project logistics and resource allocation. This includes managing all phases of the project, such as time allocated for each job, time spent on each job, and time left to complete the job, timelines, deadlines, and managing travel and meetings, along with budget and equipment resources. Jase interfaces with internal functional teams and external customers for planning, prioritization and issue resolution of overall activities in the support and achievement of customer’s initiatives and metrics. He attends client meeting, arranging all logistics and taking notes; he is often the Point-of-Contact for project questions. He also manages compliance to include policy adherence, customer satisfaction, quality control and safety. Jase also assists with the development and production of final documents, as needed.    

Hillary Haslip
Social Analyst

     Ms. Haslip has a B.A. degree in Sociology, with a minor in Anthropology from the University of Alaska Anchorage, with over 7 years’ experience. She has experience in communication that sets the groundwork for identifying and highlighting customer-centered goals and ensuring culturally relevant outcomes. She has identified the needs of prospective and existing clients and established a working rapport through positive and supportive interactions and collaborations, and successfully managed client expectations.

     During travel, Ms. Haslip immerses herself in the culture of the communities, learning values of the culture and needs of the community on a deeper level. She promptly addresses community concerns in a collaborative manner that promotes positive relationships. She assists with development and implementation of strategic plans and public relations campaigns and provides weekly and monthly written reports of all interactions with communities.

   Ms. Haslip has experience facilitating discussions on community resilience with multicultural groups, including Alaska Natives. Her background in sociology, and anthropology (with an emphasis in community dynamics), provides Ms. Haslip with the experience and education to navigate the social and cultural challenges and to facilitate the practical,  relevant implementation of the science-based recommendations.

Rita Bachand
Operations Director

     Ms. Bachand has over 30 years’ experience in finance and 24 years’ environmental administration and contracting with the emphasis on federal government.  This experience has provided her with a solid background in government and commercial contracting procedures. Her experience includes the development of indirect costs, contract management, job costing, billing and conducting internal audits to ascertain compliance with contract and regulatory requirements throughout negotiations and contracts.

   Ms. Bachand analyzes statistical data pertinent to contracting functions. She ensures contractors comply with bonding, insurance, contractual flow-downs, and tax requirements, as applicable.  She supports studies pursuant to competitive sourcing.

    Ms. Bachand has been accountable for developing a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of the company's reported financial results, and ensure that reported results comply with generally accepted accounting principles.  

    Ms. Bachand provides leadership to the operational functions in the development and execution of best practices, standards, systems, and policies and procedures. She is extensively involved in developing operational goals and corporate compliance strategies to maximize success and to ensure that the daily operations are in alignment for the anticipated outcomes of the organization’s strategic plan.

Jaimlyn Sypniewski
GIS Spatial Analyst

    Ms. Sypniewski has a M.S. degree in Marine Resources Management with a GIS certificate emphasizing Spatial Analysis from Texas A&M. She has experience in field operations and completing publishable quality maps and end products.  She also assists with modelling to determine climate impacts on the environment the effects of sound walls on residential flooding.  She was an author for The Commission to Rebuild Texas, a report commissioned by the Governor to oversee the recovery of Texas after the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey. She has also assisted on research for the GLO comparing the current insurance premiums to the predicted premiums after the installation of the Ike Dike.   

   Ms. Sypniewski has extensive experience working for environmental consulting companies. As a consultant she has conducted intensive field work collecting water, air, and soil samples for chemical analysis using complex equipment. She has gathered habitat suitability criteria for the Susitna-Watana Dam Project in Alaska and monitored the rate of shoreline erosion extensively along the Alaska coast. She has used GIS to model watersheds, determine land changes over time using LandSat Imagery, compute changes in NDVI and track changes in shoreline erosion.

     Previously, she has also worked for both the USGS and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. As well as traveling to Costa Rica to study tropical ecosystems and marine biology.

     Apart for rigorous field work, Ms. Sypniewski has also drafted EBS and EA reports for State and Federal site remediation compliance and written Resource Report Documents for FERC Regulations. She is proficient in ERIDAS Imagine and ArcGIS software


Mardee Snider
Resources Analyst

     Ms. Snider has BSc with over 10 years' experience in data analysis and statistics to ensure that the economic activity within the business is sound and viable. She prepares and delivers presentations to communicate cost-effective results to raise awareness and provide policy recommendations.  She can identify and recommend environmentally-friendly business practices and provide the economic benefits.

   Ms. Snider evaluates and quantifies benefits, costs, incentives, and impacts of alternative options using economic principles and statistical techniques.  She works closely with operations managers, program managers, and subcontractors.

    Ms. Snider has wide-ranging experience in cost analysis focused in risk assessment in both regional and statewide Alaska, USA. She has over 8 years’ experience managing large, complex, and intricate companies including varied stakeholders such as production, governmental and non-governmental organizations, Alaskan-native organizations, and local communities. She delivers integrated analysis and cost-based fit-for-purpose services that incorporate both risk and economical challenges; she has strong risk assessment experience working collaboratively with both private and government parties through compiled data and audits.