Ecosystem Services


Restoration & Reclamation

Completed a range of restoration and reclamation projects, globally. 


Riparian & River Classification

Classified river habits for fishery, water, and  riparian quality including projecting changes due to future climates.  



Experience with forest, marine, fishery, riparian, fire, and soil ecology including modeling changes due to future climates.

Image by Syed Ali

Disease Vectors

Explored the changes in insect-borne diseases due to shifts in the insect habitats and dispersion rates.


Ecosystem Biodiversity

Completed avian, fishery, mammal, and plant biodiversity assessments and modeled projected shifts in diversity due to changing climates.


Wetlands Delineation

Certified by US Army Corps of Engineers to complete wetland delineations.

Image by Raphael Rychetsky


Worked on agricultural projects including evaluating sites for conversion to drought and insect resilient crops and improving soil and water conditions.   

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Waste Water Management

Completed projects to evaluate the reliability  and integrity of current waste management systems and how risks may change due to natural disasters and future climates.