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Adaptation for Future Resilience

Two Bears Environmental Consulting, LLC (TBEC) is a small but diverse team of highly professional and experienced individuals providing environmental risk and adaptation assessments, as well as general environmental tools and services. We have extensive experience in global ecosystems from Alaska USA to Australia, including: urban, boreal, tropical, alpine, forest, agricultural, grassland, arctic, marine, riverine and estuary habitats. TBEC has over 26 years’ experience managing large, complex, multifaceted projects involving diverse stakeholders such as industry, government, non-profit, non-governmental organizations, native organizations, scientists, and local communities. TBEC delivers integrated analysis and science-based fit-for-purpose services that incorporate both ecological and socioeconomic challenges, including the built environment. We have strong socio-ecological experience working collaboratively with indigenous populations. We have led several projects assessing environmental vulnerabilities including climate risk assessments, adaptation and resilience projects, both locally and globally.  Our mission is to work with communities and businesses to help them understand the impacts of a changing climate and how they can adapt to these changes, thereby 'climate proofing' their homes, cultures, lifestyles, and businesses.

Assessing Threatened Alaskan Villages Due to Changing Climates