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Data Collection & UAV Services

UAV Services are becoming an ever increasing opportunity. This is no different for TBEC than it is for any other company. We take pride is offering Environmental drone services, that help shape the climate landscape.

We offer many different drone services outside of the Environmental field as well. Services that include Industrial Landscapes and Opportunities, Commercial Buildings and Products, and even Residential photography.

Along with being able to gather the data via our drones, we also have data processing capabilities. LiDAR analysis, spatial analysis, and GIS operations are all key processes that we use to help generate intelligent, people driven science.

Drone Over the Mountains


Being able to see things from a different vantage point offers solutions to unique climate and environmental jobs. Let us be your eye in the sky, providing quick, accurate, and detailed imagery and measurements.

3D Imaging

Our drone is capable of putting together detailed 3D models of your location. 3D models help showcase unique situations and problems that may not be easily noticed while at elevation.

Screenshot 2023-08-21 133600.png

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring and natural surveying opportunities include water monitoring, forest and tree distribution models, local community imagery, and much more!


LiDAR Imaging

LIDAR Imaging helps us put together detailed elevation concepts. These concepts and height measures can help us determine erosion issues or environmental hazards to infrastructure.


Aerial Surveying

Mapping out a location is done with ease and with incredible accuracy. Whether it's farmland or infrastructure, having an aerial survey helps put things into perspective.


Our Additional Data Services


Spatial Analysis

This type of analysis has proven to be particularly useful in analyzing the geographic feasibility of various sites for specific objectives, calculating and predicting outcomes, interpreting and understanding change, discovering vital patterns buried in your information, and much more. Quickly get to the bottom of complicated geospatial-temporal queries and machine-learning-based analytics workloads by using scalable analytics. 


Geographic Information Systems

Laying the groundwork for mapping and analysis that is used in practically every industry and scientific discipline. A geographic information system (GIS) aids in the comprehension of patterns, relationships, and geographical settings. Greater management and decision-making are only some of the advantages of better communication.


CAD & Blue Print Generation

Being able to generate and read blue prints is essential to understanding a clients needs. Generating drawings and adding them to UAV imagery can help clients understand where a projects stands and how it looks in a particular location.

These drawings can aid in creating spatial awareness and cost planning.

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