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A primary goal of our work is to reduce risks and increase resilience across impacted facilities, sites and/or environments. We have coordinated and led multidisciplinary teams to develop scientifically-based environmental programs that bridge the state-of-knowledge science with applied research and traditional knowledge to answer specific environmental questions such as,

What will the future look like?’, ‘How will it affect me and my lifestyle?’ and

‘What is the risk to my business?’

Although there are numerous forecasts on the projected effects of climate change and several reports documenting and summarizing a wide range of climate change effects on both the physical environment and human activities, there is a lack of easily accessible information available to the people who must adapt to a changing environment. Consequently, the people most affected by climate change tend not to have the information they need for effective resilience planning. It is necessary to understand not just the climate science but to also place climate projections in the context of the social, economic, and environmental needs of the local population. TBEC provides actionable data to address this need.

Our Core Team

Ronni Wilcock - Ph.D.
Senior Risk and Biophyscial Adaptation Lead

Dr. Wilcock, owner and founder,  has extensive experience in ecosystems from Alaska USA to Australia, with experience managing multifaceted projects involving diverse stakeholders from large corporations and governments to small indigenous villages. She delivers integrated analysis and science-based fit-for-purpose services that incorporate both ecological and socio-economic challenges.  Ronni has led several projects assessing environmental vulnerabilities such as climate risk assessments, and adaptation and resilience projects, both locally and globally. 

Dr. Wilcock is now an affiliated faculty member with Oregon State University! Go Beavers!

 Jase Wilcock - B.Sc.
Program Management Lead

Mr. Jase Wilcock has 8+ years of Program Manager experience. Jase interfaces with internal functional teams and external clients for planning, prioritization and issue resolution of overall activities in the support and achievement of the client’s initiatives and metrics. He is the Point-of-Contact for project questions and provides a nexus between western science and traditional knowledge and cultures, attending client meetings at remote locations. He manages compliance including policy adherence, customer satisfaction, quality control and safety.


 Jaimlyn Sypniewski - M.Sc.
Spatial Analysis & Modeling Lead

Ms. Sypniewski is proficient in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software; she has an M.Sc. in Marine Resources Management with a GIS certificate in Spatial Analysis. She develops models to determine climate impacts on the environment and is currently a Ph.D. student at Oregon State University. She was an author on the Commission to Rebuild Texas, a report in response to Hurricane Harvey. Jaimlyn has used GIS to model watersheds, determine land changes, compute changes in NDVI, and track changes in shoreline erosion, and has extensive field experience.

 Brad Sypniewski - B.Sc.
Drone Division Lead

Mr. Sypniewski has been drafting and designing blueprints for 25+ years, utilizing programs like AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks. He has an assortment of degrees; a Minor in Marketing, an  Associates Degree in Drafting and Design, and Bachelors Degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design. His most recent work consists of 8+ years of structural engineering, using Staad.Pro and Ansys to analyze and inspect steel structures across the USA. Currently,  he’s running our drone program to collect a range of data, including environmental Lidar data, fuel loading along utility corridors, urban and wildland interfaces and forest to assess fire risk, and for completing infrastructure inspections. He’s looking to further bolster his Bachelors in Environmental Design by acquiring his Architectural License.


Hillary Haslip -  B.A.

Ms. Haslip has a BA in Sociology with a Minor in Anthropology from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She has ten years of experience working in various Higher Education roles where she gained dynamic skills in Management, Grant Administration, and Policy Compliance.  Ms. Haslip is the contact for translating Grant requirements and their timelines for successful application submission.  She is currently seeking her Professional Science Masters (PSM) at Oregon State University with a focus in Environmental Policy.”

Hillary Hiking.jpg

Ryan Iwaniak -  B.B.A. / B.Sc.

Mr. Iwaniak is a creative professional with over a decade of design and marketing experience. Throughout the years, he has put his creative skills to use for small businesses, tech startups, colleges and universities, and non-profits. Mr. Iwaniak has advanced knowledge of Adobe's Creative Suite, specializing in branding, print & digital design, UI/UX prototyping, photography, and video. Ryan is an outdoors enthusiast and takes pride in using his talents to make a difference.